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links   Economie en Bedrijfsleven
Informatie op het gebied van economie en bedrijfsleven in Afrika
Africa Intelligence
A business news site dedicated to Africa for global professionals. The site gathers exclusive, strategic news and intelligence from five newsletter. Paid subscription.
Corporate Africa
A Times publication promoting trade between Africa and the global economy.
Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo, economist from Zambia, blames foreign economic assistance for Africa's poverty and corruption and argues for more innovative ways for Africa to finance development including trade with China, accessing the capital markets, and microfinance.
MBendi Information Services - Africa
A privately owned internet business publishing company, based in Cape Town. It offers information, per country or capital city, on industries, companies and organizations, products and services etc.
NL EVD Afrika
Landen pagina van de Economische Voorlichtings Dienst, met  het laatste nieuws op het gebied van economie, handel en wetgeving; ook handige links en info per land.
SouthScan combines a monthly news publication with political and economic reports (for clients). Its 'Today's news from the region...' is freely accessible (powered by

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