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links   Arts and Culture / Film
Africa in the Picture
African film festival in The Netherlands
African Cinema
Webdossier, compiled in 2003 by the library of the African Study Centre, Leiden, with background information and a list of titles and web resources on African Cinema.
African Cinema II
Webdossier, compiled in 2009 by the library of the African Study Centre, Leiden, with background information and a list of titles and web resources on African Cinema.
African Film Library
An online library of African films, covering the last 50 years; 'n M Net (South Africa) initiative.
African film resources
Concise list of a variety of audio-visual resources, composed by the African Studies Centre, University of Pennsylvania, in the 1990s
African films, movies, videos
Film section of Africa South of the Sahara selected internet resources, alphabetically ordered.
Afrika Filmfestival
The AFF organises annually a festival of qualified African films in Leuven and in as many other places in Belgium as possible.
Amakula Kampala International Filmfestival
This annual festival aims at showcasing world cinema both classic and contemporary, with a special focus on African cinema,
California Newsreel
  Center for the production and distribution of social justice films. The site contains information on about 80 African films, as well as links to articles on African cinema.
Cathage Film Festival|nl&u=
A film festival in Carthage, Tunisia, which takes place every two years in October.
Columbia University libraries
An annotated guide, arranged by country, to videos in the collection of the African Studies library. 
Durban International Film Festival
Site of the filmfestival, held annually in Durban; the archive goes back to 2004.
Informative site of the main African film festival held every two years in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Site with data on filmfestivals all over the world
First Run Icarus
Overview of African documentary films distributed by this American organisation, containing technical details and information on the content (expensive).
A moderated electronic discussion group jointly sponsored by H-Net and the African Literature Association to provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of African literature and cinema.
Internet Movie Database
Africa section of the Internet Movie Database, with information on more than 850 African films.
Michigan State Univrsity libraries
Annotated list of video/dvd titles, arranged alphabetically, in the collection of the Africana library.
SA Film
No longer updated website with news and resources for South African filmmakers
Wonders of the African World, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
In a series of personal journeys on the trail of great civilizations, cities and centres of learning, established long before the arrival of Europeans, Gates Jr. reveals, in six documentary films, an Africa most people never knew existed.
Zanzibar International Film Festival
ZIFF's main activity is the organisation of an annual film festival. The site focuses on the festival that took place in 2009.
Dedicated to the projection of local Nigeria (Nollywood) films. Pays also attention to the profiles and life styles of actors and actresses.

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