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links   Arts and Culture / Literature/books
Africa Book Centre
One of the largest collection African literature online based in the U.K. - direct order of books and extensive search engine
Africa's 100 Best Books
List of Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th century, maintained by University of Columbia Libraries, African Studies.
African Books Collective
ABC, founded, owned and governed by African publishers, seeks to strengthen the publishing and dissemination of African books through collective action.
African literature and writers on the internet
Selected annotated internet resources relating to African literature and writers (part of the Africa South of the Sahara directory). .  
African postcolonial literature in English
A site with links to African authors, hosted by the National University of Singapore
AfrikaRoman; Literaturportal
Geeft inzicht in in Duitsland verschenen literatuur mbt Afrika.
Femmes écrivaines
 A site with information on African female writers and their books, in English and French, as well as links.
A moderated electronic discussion group jointly sponsored by H-Net and the African Literature Association to provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of African literature and cinema.
Heinemann African Writers Series
List of the books published in this series, with biographical information on the authors and a short description of the content.
LIMAG; littératures du Magrheb
Contient des données bibliographiques, des articles et des thèses et travaux universitaires (texte integral) sur les littératures du Maghreb (Algérie, Maroc, Tunisie).
News about books, book reviews, profiles of writers, book and publishing events etc.; also about films, theatre, and music. With a very extensive archive.
The Africa Book Link
The Africa Book Link is a newsletter, primarily announcing new and forthcoming African literature, drama and criticism. Secondly, it announces conferences and highlights the latest articles, interviews and bookreviews related to African literature, drama or criticism. Finally, it aims to publish its own book reviews regularly.
The Caine Prize for African writing
Focusing on the short story, the Caine Prize has been open since 2000 to writers from anywhere in Africa for work published in English.
The NameSite
African names and their pronunciation, meaning, origin and country; also a list of African proverbs.

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