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links   Religion
Africa: Religious studies
A few annotated links on the study of African religion, maintained by the African Studies Centre, Univ. of Pennsylvania. 
African Independent Churches
Offers links to short information on different aspects of AICs. 
African Jewish Congress
The African Jewish Congress is the coordinating body whereby the smaller Jewish communities in sub-Saharan Africa can retain their links with world Jewry.
African traditional religion
Privately owned website with links to articles (mainly from the 1990s and earlier) on different aspects of African traditional religions.
All Africa Conference of Churches
The AACC is a fellowship of churches and institutions working together in their common witness to the Gospel.
en - religion
This section of has links to religious news, documents and resources.
Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Website of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, which has dioceses in in Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and the island of St. Helena.
International Mission Photography Archive
Historical images from missionary collections (incl. the Basel Mission archive, offering a visual record of missionary activities and experiences in Africa.
Islam in Africa
Selected annotated internet resources relating to Islam in Africa (part of the Africa South of the Sahara directory).
Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa
Webdossier, compiled by the library of the African Studies Centre, Leiden, with background information and a list of titles and web resources on Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jews of Africa
Offers information on Jewish communities in Africa.
New Advent
Site of the Catholic Encyclopedia, section Africa, with information on the history of Christianity and other denominations; and many internal links.
The Organization of African Instituted Churches is an association of African Independent, African instituted or African founded churches (AICs); headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.
Presbyterian Church of Africa
Website of the Presbyterian Church of Africa, which belongs to the Reformed Churches.
Reformed Online - Africa
Offers practical and background information of Reformed Protestantism in Africa, by country.
Religion in Africa
Selected annotated religious internet resources relating to traditional religion, Christianity, Islam and Judaism (part of the Africa South of the Sahara directory).

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