Comoros Mayotte (France) Réunion Southern Africa East Africa Central Africa West Africa North Africa North Africa Sudan South Sudan Egypt Sudan Chad Libya Tunisia Niger Burkina Faso Morocco Algeria Mali Mauritania Western Sahara Central African Republic Djibouti Somalia Kenya Uganda Tanzania Mozambique Zambia Democratic Republic of Congo Congo-Brazzaville Gabon Cameroon Nigeria Benin Togo Ghana Côte d'Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea Malawi Seychelles Madagascar Comoros Zimbabwe Angola Angola Senegal Mauritius Réunion Guinea-Bissau The Gambia Burundi Rwanda Botswana Namibia Swaziland São Tomé and Príncipe Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Canaries (Spain) Cape Verde Ascension (British) St. Helena (British) Tristan da Cunha (British) South Africa Lesotho South Africa

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