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TRANS CAPE 2007 - Contemporary African Culture
Arts, 10 sep. 2006 - Cape Africa Platform
'I Did Not Murder Africa' El Loko * Togo 2006

The city of Cape Town will host CAPE 2007, the first ever large-scale exhibition of African contemporary art to be staged in South Africa.
CAPE 2007 opens on March 27 and runs till May 2, filling the city with the work of approximately 70 contemporary artists across Africa and its Diaspora. An exciting program of Pan-African music events, film screenings, discussion sessions and workshops will be held over the duration of the exhibition.

In 2007 the CAPE Africa Platform will host TRANS CAPE, one of the largest and most challenging exhibitions ever held in South Africa.
TRANS CAPE is a massive, multi-venue, multi-media contemporary African art exhibition that features emerging and established artists from across the entire African continent and its Diaspora.

The exhibition is curated by South African born, internationally acclaimed artist and curator Gavin Jantjes who will be working together with young curators Gabi Ngcobo and Khwezi Gule to explore the shifts, changes, and re-locations of people on the African continent, as well as the movements and changes in contemporary African visual culture.
In order to capture and amplify these movements and changes, the curators of TRANS CAPE have selected an array of venues and exhibition sites, including galleries and museums, as well as public spaces, parks, B&Bs and even private homes, along a route that spans the entire Cape Peninsular.

CAPE 2007also includes X-CAPE, an artist-led initiative that invites artists and cultural practitioners from across Cape Town, South Africa and Africa to show their work in conjunction with the TRANS CAPE exhibition.
In line with CAPE’s broad focus on contemporary African culture, X-CAPE welcomes participation in any creative media - from art exhibitions, music events and performances, to creative workshops, discussion sessions, street art and spoken word that coincide with the TRANS CAPE exhibition and engage with contemporary African creativity.

The exhibition is the first in a series of contemporary African art exhibitions planned by the CAPE Africa Platform, a non-profit organisation that aims to culturally connect Cape Town, South Africa, Africa and the Diaspora.

The CAPE programme includes ongoing public discussion sessions and a rotating two-year cycle of large-scale contemporary African art exhibitions leading up to a major Pan-African art event to coincide with the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

The title of the exhibition is TRANS CAPE referring to the shifts, changes, disruptions and re-locations of people on the African continent, as well as the movements and changes in contemporary African visual culture.

'Movement and change are significant to any understanding of Africa in our time,' says Jantjes. 'These are also fundamental ideas in the making of the TRANS CAPE exhibition.'
Redactie AS Magazine
27 March – 2 May 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
Art Director: Gavin Jantjes - Curators : Khwezi Gule & Gabi Ngcobo

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