African Architecture
artikelfotoAfrica, Ghana
Exchange of knowledge and information on Architecture
15 May 2007 - ArchiAfrika Foundation
Central Library in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

An important part of the exchange of ArchiAfrika’s information on African architecture comes from the projects ArchiAfrika organizes or supports. Through workshops, conferences and soon even a documentary, the foundation reaches her target group consisting of architects, urban planners, students, professors, policy makers and everyone else who is interested in Africa and/or architecture.
A climax in the field of exchange of knowledge will soon take place in Kumasi, Ghana. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology organizes from 5-8 June in cooperation with ArchiAfrika the conference ‘African Architecture Today’ to answer the question what African architecture really is. During this conference experts in the field of African architecture will try to define the identity of African architecture. Establishing the current state of affairs will presumably also point out directions for the future of African architecture, assuming that this term is still appropriate in this globalizing world.

As part of the conference ArchiAfrika will present the exhibition ‘The African House’. This exhibition is the result of a series of workshops held in Amsterdam South East. During the workshops the participants, all African immigrants, will portray their former house in Africa, their current house in Amsterdam and the house they will be living in in the future, when they will have returned to Africa. The results will show whether the African identity is also still alive in the architecture of the Diaspora. Furthermore the exhibition will demonstrate the influence of the Diaspora on the architecture on the continent. In development aid, the Diaspora offers a greater financial impulse then all development organizations together. Maybe this is also the case regarding the creative impulse in African architecture.

African architecture still raises many questions. How can we define it, what do we have to conserve or restore, and what can it teach us? ArchiAfrika does not pretend to know all the answers and would like to ask more questions. This way, the foundation enhances a discussion which deserves to be held and which, if it is up to ArchiAfrika, will eventually contributes to giving African architecture its own place on the world map.
Anne-Katrien Denissen

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