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The Africaserver is the platform for communication between the Netherlands and Africa on the Internet, subtitled "African Vibrancies". The focus is on art and culture, politics and society.
The site was launched in 1997 with the first virtual expositions. In 2006 the website was redesigned as an on-line magazine.

The extensive hyperlinks database, organized by country and by theme, contains over 1400 websites. The AfricaDirectory is a 'business directory' with African professionals and institutions in the Netherlands.
The Africaserver has also produced several on-line educational modules, for instance on Urban Culture and Slavery and the virtual exhibition 'Wit over Zwart over Wit' (White on Black on White), all in Dutch.
A spin-off from the Africaserver is the Virtual Museum for Contemporary African Art

The editors of the Africaserver are Azim Koning and René de Ree. Bart Luirink is consultant to the editors.
Contributions for the agenda can be sent to
The Africaserver Magazine is produced in close cooperation with the following partners: ZAM (ZAM Africa Magazine), Afroneth, Afrovibes, The Voice, Africa in the Picture, The African Bulletin, Viafrica, Africasport and the Thami Mnyele Foundation.

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The Africaserver team is specialized in all forms of new media. We can help you with your website, cd-rom, dvd, on-line database etc.
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Colophon & Credits
The Africaserver was founded by Fons Geerlings, Maarten Rens, Marco Legemaate and René de Ree. The Africaserver Foundation runs the website and initiates and develops new projects.

Hans Wisbrun (contributor)
Willem Kerkhoven (contributor)
Azim Koning (editor)
Tiny Kraan
Marco Legemaate (technical development, board)
René de Ree (editor, technical development, board)
Sarah Taylor (contributor)

columnists, advisers:
Femi Akomolafe
Leo de Haan
Paul Hoebink
Bart Luirink

Ines Gall
Marjon van Es

The following people have contributed to the Africaserver:
Rezah Waggelmans, Hannah Klautz, Rhoda Woets, Klazien Kruisheer, Thomas Gesthuizen, Anna Kanneworff, Janet Tuil, Amadou Kassé, Rick Hakkens, Kristel Coolen, Elma Doeleman, Iuliana Varodi, Martijn van der Kaaij, Stefan Witte, Dario Volaric, Germen Bergervoet, Erik Rosenhart, Erik Meijer, Maarten Terpstra, Mirette van Dreumel, Bereket Habte Essaias, Mahmoud Shargi Asbag Bonab, Gijs Hietbrink, Manuel Rodrigues, Roan Hahn, Pascal Wolterman, Bhim Boyer, Menno Prins, Margriet Jansen, Marianne Vermeulen, Jean Hellwig, Fleur van Dissel, Anton Dekker, Jeroen de Vries, Antognoni Brunhoso, Kheto Lualuali, Mustafa Maluka, Barend Schweigman, Eric Toroka, Ali Masoud, Fred Halla, Joost Pollmann, Ron Hartman, Jan Brinkman, Jan Leysen, Michel Vink, Walter Greefkes, Jome Morrison, Denise Lucas, Robbin van Ooij, Daniël Stroomer, Edwin Bouwhuis, Maarten van den Berg, Robert Dreischor, Thijs Vink, Bas van Driel Krol, Sebastiaan Schoonebeek, Bianca de Visser, Bob Gerrits, Zowie Jannink, Martin van Mourik, Fabian Lodewijk,Thijs Verhagen, Martin van de Wijngaard, Pablo Willems, Arjan Ceelen, Olmo van Kranen, Kwadwo Gyekye Manu, Bouba Camara, Claudia Venhorst, Arona Mbengue, Shamiel Adams, Alain Teixeira, Apollo Panou, Erik den Boer, Marieke Wensink, Patience Sonko-Godwin, Foday Manka, Mr. Mansour, Fatou Cesay, Haddy Ndure, Basiru Faal, Margaret Goddard, Alasan Lamin, Awa Jagne, Ramatulie Ann, P. Sijnke, Dirk Tang, Pieter van Dijk, Saskia Konniger, Carry van Lakerveld, Felix de Rooy, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Klaas de Jonge, Enno de Jonge, Hein Reedijk, Joke Pors, Peter Bosch, Julia von Graevenitz, Ralf, Anouschka, Paul, Emile van de Griendt, Frank Velghe, Annemarie de Wildt, Cees Otto, Robert Man, Maude Brown, Carla Wetzels, Ennie (Coex'ae Bob), Otto Oussoren, Nini van Driel, Hilário Nhatugueja, Gonçalo Armando Mabunda, Jan Stegeman, Rogério Xerinda, Max Macodou Diop, Miguel Petchkovsky, Linda Niekel, Keith Warren, Mindanda Mohogu, Pauline Burmann, Saskia Broekman, Karen Niessen en vele anderen...


Nederlands instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika
Based on a long history of solidarity and critical dialogue, NiZA cooperates with people and organisations in Afrika and Europe for a democratic Southern Africa: we share a common ideal of a Southern Africa in which the people can realise a society capable of an equal sharing of wealth, of means and opoportunity, were human rights are respected and garanteed.

Cordaid is a development organisation with a Catholic tradition. The Catholic social thinking is still our source of inspiration. For Cordaid every human being counts. Values like respect for life, solidarity and love for your fellow man form the basis of our mission: the fight against poverty, justice and peace. Cordaid fervently supports the poor and underpriviliged all over the world and supports social and economic justice. We support people and their organisations regardles of age, gender, sexual preference, heritige, religion or political conviction.

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds stimulates culture and conservation in the Nederlands. Special initiatives, passion and talent are encouraged with financial contributions, assignments, prizes and scholarships. Through active aquisition of funds and revenues from lotteries we are able to support almost fourthousand projects and persons anualy. This makes us, with a national fund and twelve regional offices, one of the main private cultural funds in the Nederlands.

In the past the Africaserver received financial or other support from the following organisations:

Nationale Commissie voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (NCDO)
Gemeentelijk Platform Zuidelijk Afrika/GPZA
Stichting Van Der Leij - HABITAT
VSB Fonds
Mondriaan Stichting
SBK Amsterdam
Evert Vermeer Stichting
Ministerie van OCenW
Nederlandse Ambassade te Maputo, Mozambique
Pax Christi Nederland
SAK - Sydafrika Kontakt, Kopenhagen, Denmark
Thami Mnyele Foundation

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