Over the years the Africaserver has developed a variety of projects.
Below you see a overview of them with a short description.
The educational projects are listed on a seperate page.

Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art
After making numerous virtual exhibitions about African artists and artist collectives with the Africaserver a logical next step was the founding of the Virtual Museum for Contemporary African Art. Since it has become a stage on which African artists present themselves to the world. A number of them have found their way to an international audience.

Africanhiphop, hip hop from the motherland
Africanhiphop.com originated from the editorial staff of the Africaserver. In the meantime it has spawned into a large independant site with lots of information on African rap and African hiphop and with a large and faithfull audience.

Bongotoons, journalism to look at
The virtual exhibition Bongotoons shows work from eleven prominent Tanzanian cartoonists: more than 200 cartoons presented in an interface resembling the popular tabloid newspapers. A unique section of the site is a gallery with animated cartoons. Also featured: the history of cartoons and comics in Tanzania and biografies of the artists.

Virtuele exhibitions, a museum in the making
The Africaserver made several virtual exhibitions on African artists and artist collectives. From North, South, East and West Afrika. Paintings, statues, photography, 'internet-installations'. These were the predecessors of the VMCAA.

Friqueshun, the power of music and dance
The place on the Africaserver that served information on African music and dance. It was a continuation of the Newsletter of the Afrika Foundation Baobab and the Foundation 'de Afrika Centrale' both published (on paper) in the 90's. In the new Africaserver Magazine music and dance will again get their rightfull place. (archived project)

Housing Generator, houses for hope
The project 'The Housing Generator' was an initiative to renew the South African cities and their habitat. The project aimed at urbanisation and affordable housing. We produced an online presentation of the competition results and the winners. The opening of the exhibition displaying the winning designs in Johannesburg was at the same time the first presentation of the Africaserver to the world. (archived project)

Africa Television, tv vibrancies
Also known as Afracam. An initiative of the Evert Vermeer Foundation. Afracam was broadcast on local television in Amsterdam. We put it on the internet, then still an experimental excercise. (in Dutch, archived project)

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