Over the years the Africaserver has developed several educational projects.
Below you see a overview of them with a short description
The educational projects are on a seperate page here.

Urban Culture, African rap and hiphop in the class room
To connect to the way children in higher education look at the world we made 'Urban Culture', a portal to African rap and hiphop. It contains translated lyrics and assignments. (in Dutch)

The Netherlands and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
This site consists of three sections. First 'The voyage of "Het Vergenoegen"'; experience the voyage of a slave ship by exploring it ships journal. Then 'The Gambia and the Slave Trade'; seven Gambian schoolchildren travel ten days on a boat in the Gambia River to find out, among other things, about the involvement of the African Kings in the slave trade. And last: 'Suriname/Curaçao' in which old inhabitants tell about the era of slavery. (in Dutch)

White on Black on White
Based on the collection 'Wit over Zwart' a virtual exhibition was built in which the image of Africa is explored. 'WoZoW' is used extensively in educational programs. (in Dutch)

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