First name: Saliou
Birth-date: 1965
Birth-place Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)
Nationality: Burkinabé
Profession: Sculpteur Autodidacte
Address: 01 BP 5276 Ouagadougou 01 (B.F.)
Tel/Fax: (226) 31.72.71
E-mail: or


1972 - 1988 Family Workshop


1993 - Sculpture training, OUAG-ART
from 05 au 20 Avril in CCF

1994 - Design training in CCF
Stone sculpture training, OUAG-ART í94 au C.N.A.A.

1995 - Stone sculpture training,

1996 - Furniture design training in

1998 - Lobi stool design workshop
(OuagíArt 98) à Gaoua
Metal sculpture in Saint-Louis,
"Head sculpture" in Kpalimé, Togo.


1994 - Full-size sculpture in the french
Ambassador's residence in Ouagadougou.
Luminary mask creation in the hall of the French Cultural Centre in Ouaga.

1996 - Big Sculpture Relief Foundation
in the Airport VIP room in Ouagadougou. Realization Cafétaria members in CCF, Ouaga
Realization Café-theatre, Wakati-Art Café.

Collective exhibitions

1998 - Exhibition in Hotel de Région,


Exhibition in the RAPT Metro Station République, Paris

Exhibition in the C.I.C Comité d'Entreprise, Paris

Exhibition in the C.C.F about the Lobi stool, Ouagadougou

Exhibition in the C.C.F, Dakar.

Exhibition in the C.C. Kulturfabrik/ Esch-sur-Alzelle, Luxemburg

1997 - Exhibition of sculptures during

the Sahelian Family Colloquy in UNESCO, Paris
Launching Art Exhibition in cooperation with the daily newspaper Ouest France in Espace Ouest France, Rennes

Exhibition in Agropolis Museum, Montpellier

Collective exhibition in Espace Ouest France, from 28 April till 16 May , 1997

1996 - Collective exhibition in Centre

Culturel Français , Ouaga

1995 -Collective exhibition in
the French Senate

1994 - Collective exhibition in Centre
Culturel Français, Ouaga from 07 till 14 February

Collective exhibition in Hôtel Ivoire in Abidjan from 05 till 1é December

Collective exhibition in Lomé, during the International Meeting EXOLE '94
From 19 till 26 November.

1992 - Exhibition during the 2nd

International Handicrafts Fair in Ouagadougou
Collective Exhibition in Centre Culturel Français, Ouaga from 05 till 17 December