ANKIE (Nxadom Qhomatcã)

Born in D'Kar during the 1930ís or 40's, Ankie received no formal schooling. As a child she learned to do intricate beadwork from her mother who was a master of the craft. Ankie joined the art project in 1990, prior to which she had worked as a domestic helper and skilled craft producer.
Ankie loved to work on large canvases which she covered in abstract designs resembling the grid, cluster and maze-like designs which can be seen in the rock engravings of earlier San peoples. Her work was often humorous and at times depicted menís cloths or birds peering under bits of bark in their search for fat juicy grubs. She was also keen on working real beads into her paintings which added a three dimensional aspect to them.
Ankie died in 1994 from tuberculosis, leaving the project she added so much life to.

  Huts and animals - oilpainting  
  Apron with beads - lithography - 1992