QHAQHOO (Xgaocõ Xare)

Xgaocõ , a quiet man, born in the seventies, grew up as the playmate of Thamae Setshogo on a farm in the Ghanzi district. He attended school for a short period only. He enjoyed learning but ill-treatment by the bigger boys in the hostel where he had to stay was the reason why he ran away. His elders did not press him to go back and as he grew up he helped on the farm and did occasional jobs like erecting fences and cutting poles. He finds it difficult to talk about his art. He did not know anything about art before he joined the Kuru Art Project in 1992. By that time he was only just a young boy and the creative possibilities to which he was introduced opened up a new world to him. His art became a new reality, he could construct another world for himself.

Like almost all the Kuru artists, he knows well the veld and animals that dwell in it. He remembers going with his father or brother a few times to hunt animals for the pot. They did not hunt with bows and arrows any more but used horses and spears. For a young boy these were very exciting and unforgettable experiences.

His knowledge and love of the Kalahari can be seen in most of his work. It reflects a simplicity that is peculiar to him. He has a very personal way of depicting plant and animal forms. His work has got a very strong resemblance to the rock art that was done centuries ago by his ancestors. He visited rock art sites only twice in his life-time since he joined the art project. He has no specific preferences concerning techniques although he loves oil paint. He is a steady worker and insists on finishing his work to perfection before he is satisfied. Apart from paintings, he makes colour linoleum prints, etchings and lithographs.

  Gemsbok, duikers and birds - reduction linocut - no date  
  People around their huts - linocut black/white - no date  
  Wild animals in the veld - reduction linocut - no date