QWAA (Xgoa Mangana) Born in the 1920s on the farm Sandspruit near D'Kar. Qwaa spent his childhood in the nomadic lifestyle of his hunter-gatherers parents. He received no formal schooling. As an adult he gained experience as a lime-digger, cattle herder for various farmers and as a labourer (carrying, sifting and washing sand) for an English prospector. Additionally he taught himself to make and repair all kind of leatherwork items. It was his elegant sense of design evident in these products and in his style of dressing, which first caught the eye of the art project co-ordinator, which made him become one of the firsts to join the art project.

His favourite subject is animals. However from his first drawing he has depicted half-human figures (literally without lower body) with round, staring eyes, which he describes as the equivalent of "Satan". Various drawings depict spirits as in "spirit of a man who died and came back as a bird". Some of Qwaas figures reflect the anthropomorphic figures of earlier San art. He was also a healer during trance dances. Qwaa died in 1997.

  Makaukau Man who cannot speak - 74 X 58 cm - oil on canvas - 1996  
  Elephants and creatures
- lithography, black and white -
- 1992 -