Fiel Rafael

Fiel dos Santos Marques Rafael
Born: 24 July 1972 in Maputo.

Fiel has been drawing since his childhood. In 1992 he focused on ceramics, thereafter in 1993 he started out with oil paintings.

In 1994 he discovered that his heart belongs to sculpting and he started making works of art out of wood.

In 1994 his wood sculpture Perigo Eminente in the exhibition Objectivo Linha Alberta got him a first prize. Two years later he received an other award and obtained a scholarship for a 3 months internship in Zimbabwe to master the technique of working with stone.

In 1997 he learnt metal working during a workshop in Durban, South Africa.

Participations and group exhibitions:
1994Linha Aberta, Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo
1995Trienal Osaka de Escultura in Japan with the piece Ritmo Espiritual
 Concurso Descobertas de novos talentos in Fortaleza, Maputo
 Collective exhibition of Arte Feliz with the Associação de Fotografia in Maputo with the sculpture Nostalgia
 Núcleo de Arte with a piece made out of various materials
 Concurso Descobertas de novos talentos in Centro de Estudos Brasileiros in Maputo. Gained a 1st prize with the wood sculpture Abstração.
1997Collective exhibition Abertura do Ano in Núcleo de Arte
 Instituto Camões em Maputo
 Instituto Camões in Maputo with the wood sculpture Curiosidade
 Collective exhibition of paintings in Centro Franco - Moçambicano on the occasion of the Seminário Nacional sobre Património Cultural
 2nd Annual exhibition of Arte Feliz in Centro Franco - Moçambicano
1998EXPO 98 in Lissabon, Portugal
1999Bienal TDMī99, Maputo
 Centro Cultural Português, Maputo

-Metal working at the Technikon Natal in Durban, South Africa followed by a group presentation, 1997
-Centro Franco-Moçambicano de Pintura with Dutch artist Peter Schenk, 1997
-Transformação de Armas em objectos de Arte of Núcleo de Arte, 1997
-Artistas Unidos contra o Sida na Beira, 1997
-Transformação de Armas em objectos de Arte I + II no Núcleo de Arte 1997 e 1998
-Homage to deceased sculptor Chissano in Galeria-Museu Chissano, 1998
-Transformação de Armas em objectos de Arte II, 1998