Adelino Serafim Mate
Born: 11 November 1973 in Maputo.

Mathe started in 1990 with sculpting in wood. He was a pupil of the sculptors Ndlozy and Zaqueu. Both of them had been pupils of Alberto Chissano who was the most important sculptor in Mozambique after the revolution (died in 1994).

In 1994 he took part in two exhibitions in Mbabane, Swaziland and one in the Museu National in Maputo.

Group presentations from 1998 onward:
 MNA, ONJ with sculptor Duarte, MNA, Fortaleza, CFM, AMF, Núcleo de Arte, Banco Mundial, Galeria Naneebah, Centro Cultural Franco - Moçambicano

Workshops in 1997 and 1998:
 Núcleo de Arte, Galeria Naneebah, Galeria Chissano

Individual exhibitions:
1996Associação Moçambicana de Fotografia
1998Centro Cultural Português, Maputo
 Locus Solus Gallery, U.S.A.

1995Honourable mention Descoberta 95
1997Concurso International: United States Information Agency / Mid American Art Alliance