Sebastião Armando Jonze
Born: 28 July 1970 in Maputo.

He started sculpting in wood in 1988 as a pupil of the great sculptor Alberto Chissano. Before long, he turned out to be a great talent. After six weeks, Alberto Chissano advised him to leave and work individually at home. From then on Ndlozy developed his own style.

In 1989 and 1991 he won respectively the 3rd and 1st prize at a competition for new talents organized by Horizonte Arte e Difusão. In 1992 he won a North American scholarship.

His first solo exhibition took place in 1991 in the Centro de Estudos Brasileiros in Maputo. After that he had individual exhibitions in Maputo, the United States and South Africa.

Individual exhibitions:
1991Centro dos Estudos Brasileiros
1994Associação Moçambicana de Fotografia

Collective exhibitions:
1997Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa
1998On the occasion of the visit of the French president Jacques Chirac in July to the Centro Cultural Franco - Moçambicano
 On the occasion of the visit of the King of Sweden in November to the Centro Franco - Moçambicano

1994 Ujamaa IV of Núcleo de Arte
1995Wood carving in Durban, South Africa
1997 Lusaka, Zambia
1998Águas subterrâneas of Núcleo de Arte
1998TAE of Núcleo de Arte

-3rd prize competition for new talents by Horizonte Arte e Difusão , 1989
-1ste prize, idem, 1991
-6th position International MAAA/USIA in the USA, 1999
-Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Lisbon
-Mármores, Maputo, 1999