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Webdesign  Pascal Wolterman
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The Netherlands
text, editing and advice
  Nini van Driel
Elma Doeleman
Kheto Lualuali
Thomas Gesthuizen
Technical realisation and advice   Marco Legemaate
Stefan Witte
Contributors in Maputo  Hilário Nhatugueja
Gonçalo Armando Mabunda
Pictures  Jan Stegeman (Den Haag)
Rogério Xerinda (Maputo)
Fons Geerlings (Amsterdam)
Editor-in-chief and producer  Fons Geerlings
With thanks to Linda Niekel (Amsterdam) and Keith Warren (Maputo).
This exhibition has been made in the studio of Designserver in Amsterdam

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This exhibition has been made possible thanks to grants from:
HIVOS  HIVOS - Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries, Netherlands
NCDO  NCDO - Netherlands National Committee for international cooperation and sustainable development
  Dutch Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique
Pax Christi Nederland  Pax Christi Netherlands
SAK  SAK - Sydafrika Kontakt in Copenhagen, Denmark

A small selection of relevant links:
NDC  The NDC (National Demining Commission) is the organization overseeing all activities related to the cleaning of mine fields in Mozambique. The website gives an overview of current and future projects.
English and Portuguese
The Mozambican Peace Progress in perspective
Special online edition of the magazine Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives.
AIM  Daily selected news updates from national press agency AIM (Mozambique News Agency).
English and Portuguese
Kanimambo  Kanimambo: Mozambique homepage with useful addresses, a.o. cultural organizations and visitors' info on Maputo.
For more links see the Africaserver Mozambique page.

Museumserver  The Museumserver: Information on museums in the Netherlands and virtual exhibitions.