African artists and colleagues inspired by Africa present their work in the virtual gallery on the Africaserver.
Sparkling, original and beautiful art to be seen on the Internet. View the eleven virtual exhibitions below by clicking on the icons.

Since April 2001 the module Arts and Culture has been totally renewed.
The survey African artists in The Netherlands shows work of over 30 artists living and working in The Netherlands.
In Galeries and (art)institutions a list of important galleries and (art)institutions in the field of contemporary non-western art in The Netherlands.

Also visit:
  • Virtual presentation of Arts and Culture in The Netherlands.
  • International links on Arts and Culture can be found under the section Arts and Culture General.
  • The Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art, produced by the AfricaServer Foundation, with online exhibitions, an extensive documentation department and an online magazine. Including an international agenda, a great many links and an advanced search engine.

    Deep in the Kalahari sandveld of Botswana a group of San artists relive their ancient past when the veld was endless and food and game abundant. They revive it in strong forms and vibrant colours and express in it a yearning for better days that are forever gone. They also show that they are still the 'First People' not willing to disappear.

    Mysterious images render a suggestion of a story. The silhouettes of Kheto invite the visitor to make his own interpretation. This Mozambican artist who lives in Amsterdam since 1998 presents his artistic work in seven stages.

    These artists and friends from Burkina Faso worked in Amsterdam for two months, where they became fascinated by the similarities between the artistic traditions of their country and Holland. In this exhibition assembled artworks and sculptures from Amsterdam as well as earlier material.

    Different cultures, identical longings.Young Dutch photographer Barend Schweigman, who moved to the Tanzanian capital, portrays ordinary people with their favourite object in the streets of Dar es Salaam. Touching and disarming images framed in the famous, old-fashioned Delft Blue tiles. The exhibition also has a version in Swahili and Dutch language.
    In cooperation with Núcleo de Arte in Maputo.
    Landmines and arms inspired the creation of sometimes fragile, and sometimes robust sculptures.
    Fourteen Mozambican artists show with their works the resilience of a people busy to overcome the consequences of a civil war.
    Paintings like a fairy-tale, constructed as a puzzle, preserve traditional life in Senegal.
    Enthusiastic art by the Angolan artist from Amsterdam, Antognoni Brunhoso.
    Colourful paintings, scrapbook and envelopes.
    Exhibition of the Malinese artist and an explanation on the Bogolan technique.
    Theme in Hama's work is the European loneliness and the western influence on the African way of life.
    Mosaic atmospheres depicting the daily life and historical events in a journalistic manner. Homebase: Soweto, South Africa.
    In 1997 the Africaserver presented a selection of Gabarits work from Benin and from his work when he was a fellow at the Amsterdam-based Rijksakademie. Summer 2002 Gabarit will open his own website which we will link to.