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This exhibition has been made possible thanks to grants from:
logo hivos HIVOS - Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries, The Netherlands

logo ncdoNCDO - Netherlands National Committee for international cooperation and sustainable development

logo vsb VSB Foundation in The Netherlands

logo kuru The works of art shown in this exhibition and other works of art by the San Artists from the Kuru Art Project are for sale. You can buy them directly and ask for all kinds of information at:
Kuru Art Project
PO Box 219
Ghanzi, Botswana
E-mail: robman@info.bw
or kuru@info.bw
Phone/fax tel: + 267 596308 / 596102 / 596285
It is possible to send a digital photograph of an artwork.
It is not possible to pay by creditcard.

Other places to buy prints and oil paintings of the San Artists:
General Trading, Box 39, Maun, Botswana, tel: + 267 660025
African Art and Images, Box 236, Maun, Botswana, tel: + 267 663584
African Easel, Audi Centre, Kasane, Botswana, tel: + 267 650 828
Gallery Ann, Broadhurst Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana tel: + 267 359416
Silk Route, BBS Shopping Centre, Gaborone, Botswana tel: + 267 357062

Chelsea Gallery, 51 Waterloo Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, RSA, tel: + 27 21 761 6805
Rose Korber, 48 Sedgemoor Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town, RSA, tel: + 27 21 4389152
Kim Sacks Gallery, 153 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, Joburg, RSA, tel: + 27 11 4475804
A.R.T. Gallery, Parys Farm, van Riebeek Drive, Paarl, RSA, tel: + 27 21 8727514
The Old Arts Gallery, University of Pretoria, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria, RSA, tel: + 27 12 420 3036

Die Muschel, Art & Book, 32 Breite Street, Swakopmund, Namibia, tel: + 264 64 402874

World Art Foundation, t Hungeling 2, 6961 DV, Eerbeek, The Netherlands tel: + 31 313 650701

logo ksgThe Kalahari Support Group (KSG)
in The Netherlands
Address: Appelgaard 2, 3941 LZ Doorn, The Netherlands,
Phone: tel: + 31 343 416314,
Fax: tel: + 31 343 4181003
E-mail: cmotto@worldonline.nl


The Kalahari Support Group has been established in March 1991 by a group of committed professionals in The Netherlands who have become involved in developments in the Kalahari region of Botswana and Namibia. The KSG acts on four main areas of activities:
- service on local groups and organisations in the Kalahari region
- documentation, study and information
- the development of projects or programmes
- networking and organisation of contacts
There is support for small scale business on cultural activities (craft) and art (prints and oilpaintings).

There is an exchange of views with all the
groups of inhabitants of the Kalahari region.


- Sporen in de Kalahari by Anke Kooke (in Dutch), 1993
- Kuru Art calendar
- Music in the Kalahari 1 and 2 (both on tape)
Tsisi Ka Noomga / Songs for Healing - instrumental and vocal music of the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana (CD), 1997

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