Lueji - oil on canvas (120/160cm) 1992

This short story of the painting is based on the book Lueji from the Angolan writer Pepetela.

At the age of sixteen Lueji is made the Queen of the Tchokwe people by her fathers last decision during the period the Portuguese arrived at the African coast. Her brother Txinguri, commander of the army and intended successor to the throne, is passed by and becomes her prime enemy. Against the will of her Council, Queen Lueji known as the Queen of the Porcelaine Rose, marries Tximbinda Ilunga, prince of the Luba people. He is known as the magic hunter. In a very short space of time Lueji and Tximbinda Ilunga recreate an army and introduce more advanced ironheaded spears. This painting symbolizes the moment when Lueji has to confront her brother Txinguri who wants to capture the palace Massumba and make himself the King. Lueji bluffes herself out of this situation and avoides a big battle. The brother takes his arms and leaves. From that moment she is uncontested as a Queen despite the fact she never gives birth. Txinguriís life ends as a warlord on the battlefield whilst trying to expand his territory.

N.b. Tximbinda Ilunga is portrayed in a statue which at present is in Germany and was shown at the exhibition Kings of Africa, 1992 in Maastricht / The Netherlands.

palace Massumba