Agenda 18 - 24 Maart 2018

Maandag 19 Maart

Nederland, Nijmegen - Academiezaal Aula - Lezing en debat
promotie over: improvement access to health care in Ethiopia
Maandag 19 Maart 2018 10:30

Titel: Bridging the knowledge gap. Operational research to improve access to health care in Ethiopia. Promovendus: de heer M.A. Khogali. Promotor(es): prof. dr. P.N.R. Dekhuijzen, prof. dr. A.D. Harries. Copromotor(es): dr. M.J. Boeree, dr. R. Zachariah.


Dinsdag 20 Maart

Nederland, Wageningen - Auditorium Wageningen - Lezing en debat
PhD on Evidence from agricultural netchains in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dinsdag 20 Maart 2018 16:00 - 17:30

Title: Ambidexterity and mobile hubs as the interfaces for orchestrating multi-level innovation networks and fostering capabilities in innovation processes: Evidence from agricultural netchains in Sub-Saharan Africa. PhD candidate: SA (Silvia) Perez Perdomo. Promotor: prof.dr. SWF (Onno) Omta & prof.dr. JH (Jacques) Trienekens. Organisation: Wageningen University, Management Studies