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Nederland, Den Haag - Institute of Social Studies - Lezing en debat
PhD defence by Fergus Simpson: The political ecology of conservation at a violent frontier constellation in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Maandag 03 Oktober 2022 15:00 - 17:00

On 3 October 2022, Fergus Simpson will defend his PhD thesis exploring the implementation and effects of environmental conservation in eastern DRC’s South Kivu Province. In a series of theoretical and empirical chapters he takes a close look at environmental conservation in a context of violent conflict, missing state capacity and infrastructure, and a number non-state armed groups which fragment control of the landscape. He looks particularly at Kahuzi-Biega National Park as representative of a militarized ‘fortress’ conservation area; and at Itombwe Nature Reserve as an example of a more consensual ‘community’ conservation area.This Public Defence may broadcast on ISS livestream. If so, you will be able to watch the Public Defence live at


Nederland, Den Haag - Institute of Social Studies - Lezing en debat
PhD defence: A development lens to resource constrained innovation: Exploring frugality in medical device manufacturing in South Africa
Vrijdag 04 November 2022 15:00 - 17:00

PhD student: Sanghamitra Chakravarty. Room: Aula B and livestream. On 4 November 2022 Sanghamitra Chakravarty will defend her PhD thesis looking at innovations and resource constraints in the healthcare sector. Her overarching research question is how does resource constrained innovation influence the direction of technological change? She argues that most medical devices by firms from high income countries which focus on their home markets. There is an urgent need to investigate alternative sources of frugal medical devices that can serve markets in resource-restricted settings. Chakravarty focuses on firms in developing countries, advancing a 'development lens' to resource-constrained innovation taking into consideration both innovation for and under resource constraint. Her focus is on South Africa as a middle-income country with a sophisticated industrial base, legacy of biomedical innovation and a growing medical device manufacturing sector.