Dinsdag 12 Juli 2016

van vr29.04
t/m zo08.01
Nederland, Rotterdam - Wereldmuseum Rotterdam - Tentoonstelling
AFRIKA 010' in het Wereldmuseum - Ontdek meer dan twee eeuwen Afrika in Rotterdam

Vanaf vrijdag 29 april 2016 tot en met 8 januari 2017 presenteert het Wereldmuseum Rotterdam AFRIKA 010. Deze tentoonstelling omvat de meest opmerkelijke stukken uit de bijzondere Afrikacollectie van het Wereldmuseum samen met enkele bruiklenen van andere Rotterdamse musea. De tentoonstelling toont de verrassende en dynamische veelzijdigheid van Afrika in het licht van verandering en vernieuwing. AFRIKA 010 biedt een hernieuwde kennismaking met de Rotterdamse Afrikacollectie en is aanzet tot een stadsbreed festival.


van za28.05
t/m za16.07
Nederland, Amsterdam - Lumen Travo Gallarie - Tentoonstelling
exhibition: Georges Adéagbo (Benin), The Defense..!

Georges Adéagbo lives and works in Cotonou and Hamburg. He has been acclaimed as one of West Africa’s foremost artists ever since his contribution to Documenta in 2002 called, “The explorer and the explorers facing the history of Exploration. The World-Theater…!” . His installations have been exhibited in Europe, the two Americas, and even Japan, but remained virtually unknown in West Africa itself. He builds his installations up from artefacts, objects trouvés from everyday cultures, as well as from illustrations and sculptures that he orders from sign-painters and form wood-carvers.


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t/m vr30.09
Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Tentoonstelling
2 exhibitions in Leiden: Photos on Senegal by Loïs Diallo & African portraits in weaving

Exhibition on the Third floor: Photos on Senegal by Loïs Diallo. Loïs Diallo's photo exhibition is inspired by the beauty of Senegal. The first time she visited Senegal, in particular the Island of Gorée in 2010, she was deeply impressed by the country and its inhabitants. She thinks Senegalese people show that richness has nothing to do with what you own. Exhibition in the ASCL Library: African portraits in weaving. The ASCL Library is pleased to exhibit a series of hand-made weavings of African portraits, made by Celine Michel.