Zondag 02 Juli 2017

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Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Tentoonstelling
Exhibition: Lamu Interiors. Paintings by Karin Voogd

In Lamu, the island on the east coast of Kenya, everybody is building. All this I tried to paint: the self-built houses, men using abandoned houses as a gathering place in the afternoon, the strange heaps of chalk, trees that grow inside a house, the stairs and pilars in old Swahili houses, the sewer-system in the street, bachelor huts that look like tree-houses, attempts of finding the right niru colour on an ancient wall, bare greyish walls build with blocks of coral stone. In the library I will show drawings about the Maktaba ya Sanaa, the attempts I did so far to gather books for an Arts library in Lamu. The exhibition can be seen during office hours in the corridors on the third floor and in the library (ground floor) of the Pieter de la Court building.


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Nederland, Amsterdam - Galerie 23 - Tentoonstelling
tentoonstelling Olga Dengo (Mozambique): Everyday it is a new beginning..

SBK Galerie 23 presenteert recente schilderijen van Olga Dengo (Antwerpen/ Mozambique).Dit is de vierde expositie die wij van haar organiseren, nadat wij in 2007 haar eerste solo in de galerie presenteerden. De tentoonstelling start op zondag 25 juni met een lunch met Olga Dengo in de galerieruimte van het SBK KNSM. U bent van harte welkom tussen 13-15u. Graag vernemen wij voor 23 juni van u via galerie23@sbk.nl of u aanschuift en met hoeveel personen. Olga Dengo komt oorspronkelijk uit Maputo, Mozambique. Ze werd al jong lid van de bekende kunstenaarsvereniging ‘Núcleo de Arte’, waar vele belangrijke kunstenaars hun carrière begonnen. Sinds 2006 woont en werkt ze in Antwerpen.


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Nederland, Amsterdam - FOAM - Tentoonstelling
tentoonstelling: Roger Ballen (VS/ZA) & Asger Carlsen (DK/VS) - No Joke

In the collaborative project titled No Joke, artists Roger Ballen (1950, VS) and Asger Carlsen (1973, DK) explore the more sinister sides of the human psyche. Together the duo produced 37 images, without ever working in the same studio at the same time: their creative exchange and co-creation has been a purely online affair. Their menacing work evokes a sense of anxiety and longing that is usually experienced only in dreams. Although Roger Ballen lives in Johannesburg and Asger Carlsen in New York, the two artists have been working together online for some four years.