Maandag 05 November 2018

Nederland, Leiden - ASC, Pieter de la Court building - Lezing en debat
Lecture : Migration and Development in Africa
Maandag 05 November 2018 15:30 - 17:00

CA-OS Research Seminar. Speaker: Ton Dietz. Since the Syrian refugee crisis and the pictures of drowning boats, refugees migration is a hot topic in politics and debate, and there is a lot of nonsense, or 'fake news', easily used in polemic pro- or anti-migration discussions. Focusing on Africa, Ton Dietz will deal with the 'facts on migration' and its linkages with 'development', 'climate change',  and 'violence'. He will specifically challenge the idea that supporting development/economic growth/employment creation in countries of origin will result in less intercontinental migration from those countries. The recent evidence from Africa shows exactly the opposite. And he will look into the future of population predictions and the relevance of a long-term demographic view on likely developments.