Zondag 10 Februari 2019

Nederland, Amsterdam - Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (Stadsschouwburg) - Lezing en debatmandela100
Nelson Mandela lecture with Sisonke Msimang
Zondag 10 Februari 2019 15:30

South African writer and activist Sisonke Msimang is an independent and outspoken voice in the debate on colour, privilege and gender. Her opinions, published in The Guardian and The Washington Post amongst others, attract growing international audiences. Last year Msimang's first memoir: Always Another Country, about her youth in exile and return to a democratic and complex South Africa, was published. Her new book, The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela, will be on the shelves from early November. Sisonke Msimang presented the first Soweto TedX Lecture under the intriguing title: Mad at Mandela. On February 10, 2019 she will deepen her quest for the meaning of Nelson Mandela’s work and life for the here and now. Follow Mandela 100 on ZAM Magazine for regular updates about the programme, special guests, profile of the speaker and more.

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