Donderdag 09 Mei 2019

van vr26.04
t/m za11.05
BE, Leuven - Leuven - Film
Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven

The 24th edition of Afrika Filmfestival will take place from 26 April till 11 May 2019 in Leuven - Belgium.  Afrika Filmfestival, for some a fixed value in the film landscape, for others still unknown territory. One would not immediately associate Africa with 'film', but that is completely unjustified. The African film culture flourishes, its roots settle ever deeper into the cinematographic ground. Thanks to the festival, the public can experience this bloom. Through film, Afrika Filmfestival enlarges your world view and invalidates the prevailing ideas about Africa. It shows the cultural products and perspectives of this surprising continent. Every edition focuses on a country. The thematic subdivisions help the public to get to know the current and special aspects of African film. Come, discover and enjoy!