Dinsdag 28 Januari 2020

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, - - Workshop
Africa 2020 Two-day workshop: Law, Rights, and Governance in Africa. A Look to the Future

The thematic focus of the workshop “Law, Rights, and Governance in Africa. A Look to the Future” ‐ encompasses the study of institutions, actors and phenomena at various levels, i.e. the macro, meso and micro level. As such the workshop will not only build connections between disciplines but also between various levels of analysis. The workshop theme refers to the study of past and present state law and state institutions, as well as the wide range of religious, traditional, “twilight”, and customary legal political institutions that can be found across the different countries of Africa. Attention is also paid to the increasing political and legal power of private corporations and of networks of businesses and investors, both private and public. At the regional and global level, our focus includes such disparate actors and institutions as the African Union, third states investing in different African countries and international organizations. The workshop’s theme “Law, Rights, and Governance in Africa. A Look to the Future” moreover includes the study of the creation, translation and appropriation of human rights, international business law, and development law. Finally, the workshop pays explicit attention to the governance of ‐, and the (often‐conflicting) rights to natural resources.

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