Dinsdag 06 Juli 2021

van ma05.07
t/m wo07.07
, - Online - Lezing en debat
'Africa in the World' Seminar Series: Trust and Trust Making in Africa's Global Connections: COVID-19 Politics and Diplomacy

The AEGIS Collaborative Research Group 'Africa in the World' is happy to invite you to the second part of its Seminar Series 'Trust and Trust Making in Africa's Global Connections': COVID-19 Politics and Diplomacy. During three sessions divided over the first week of July 2021, we will reflect on trust, distrust and trust making in COVID-19 politics and diplomacy in and towards Africa. It is clear that the current pandemic and the policies designed to counter it, have seen strong expressions of distrust globally. Citizens have questioned the need for strong measures, such as partial and complete lockdowns in their countries, as well as the trustworthiness of vaccines, and the knowledge and actors behind these. Africa is not an exception in this respect. These expressions surfacing so strongly in the current atmosphere of (global) crisis do not stand on their own but point to deeper tendencies of mistrust against governments and other actors of authority, as well as the densification of parallel truths, stimulated by social media and populist politics. The seminar series will be online and take place via Zoom: https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/66887568737?pwd=aEZielg2UzBkdmd2UTd...