Mandela’s roots revisited - photographic exhibition by Bonile Bam

Van Zaterdag 01 September 2018
t/m Dinsdag 30 Oktober 2018

Bonile Bam’s photographic exhibition, Nelson Mandela’s roots revisited, hosted by the University of Johannesburg is different from other exhibitions, with its focus on the landscape where Mandela grew up, rather than Mandela himself. The imagery is at once hauntingly beautiful and evocative. Mandela himself hardly appears in the photographs that are exhibited. It is a unique exhibition in this focus on the physical landscape and pastoral setting in which Mandela grew up. Bam’s poetic images take us to the areas and invite us to imagine the young Mandela in the rural Eastern Cape in the early decades of the 20th Century. The photographs share rare moments and places through which Mandela lived. The exhibition is hosted by the University of Johannesburg Faculty of Humanities, in collaboration with the University Library and the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The exhibition will then be simultaneously hosted there and at the three other UJ campuses: Soweto, Doornfontein and Bunting Road for two months.

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