Promotie - Achieving sustainable cocoa intensification in Cameroon: Current constraints and effectiveness of service delivery

Maandag 18 December 2023, 11:00 - 12:30

Promovendus: UP (Urcil) Kenfack Essougong. Promotor: C (Cees) Leeuwis & prof. KE (Ken) Giller. Copromotor: MA (Maja) Slingerland. Externe copromotor: Dr Syndhia Mathe
This thesis aims to increase our understanding of the current constraints to sustainable cocoa intensification in Cameroon and the extent to which service delivery in the sector is adequate. Farmers' perceptions of cocoa farming practices, the factors influencing their uptake, and the availability and suitability of innovation support services are investigated.
To foster the transition towards sustainable cocoa production systems, the findings point to the need for a more prominent role of the state in the value chain governance, and for international agreements and negotiations based on win-win partnerships between sourcing-and-producing countries resulting in the co-construction of solutions and strategies to address the sector’s sustainability challenges. Public-private partnerships to improve the match between services provided and farmers' needs should be strengthened, holistic and integrated solutions prioritised, and synergies and inclusiveness in the design and implementation of interventions increased.


Locatie Omnia
Hoge Steeg 2 Building 105
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