LeidenASA Seminar: Landscape Terms, Placenames and Spatial Language in Asᴐgli Ewe

Donderdag 15 November 2018, 13:00 - 14:00

People categorise the entities and properties that make up the terrain and water worlds which humans live in and exploit differently. In this presentation, Mercy Klugah explores the vocabulary used in the categorisation of the physical environment in Asᴐgli Ewe. She also examines how the different geographical entities are named more generally as well as locally. She will show that the term for ‘mountain’ and/or ‘hill’ tó, and other raised ground level forms kᴐ ‘fist, lump, clot, hill’, kpó ‘mound’ have formal relationship with body parts. For example, the relationship between the body part tó ‘ear’ and tó ‘mountain’ is interrogated to reveal its underlying conceptualisation. Other terms discussed include tᴐ ‘river’ and terms for plant cover such as ave ‘forest’ and gbe ‘bush and their subcategories. Speaker: Mercy Adzo Klugah Please register


Locatie ASC
Pieter de la Court building, Wassenaarseweg 52