Promotie : The Acquisition of English Vowels by Javanese and Sundanese Native Speakers

Dinsdag 19 Februari 2019, 13:45 - 14:30

PhD candidate: Arum Perwitasari. Second language (L2) learners often face difficulties while learning L2 sounds. Evidence suggests that difficulties in learning L2 sounds are affected by the first language (L1). Given the prominent status of English as a foreign language in the multilingual context of Indonesia, it is important to investigate whether Javanese and Sundanese learners of English show systematic problems in learning English. The results could not only serve as a test of L2 speech learning models, but also improve English education in Indonesia. Therefore, speech production and mouse-tracking experiments were carried out to investigate both the L1 vowel systems- and the pattern of L2 acquisition problems among Javanese and Sundanese learners of English. Promotoren: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller & Prof.dr. M. Klamer


Locatie Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden
Rapenburg 73