LADIDA no.5 x Africadelic + Nyarko + Ye Bo Game

Dinsdag 30 Mei 2023, 20:00

Africadelic is an annual festival around International Africa Day (May 25) celebrating Africa's creativity, diversity and freedom. With LADIDA, we are of course happy to celebrate this together with Africadelic and present the fith edition of LADIDA in collaboration with the energetic Nyarko and the fun game night concept: Ye Bo Game. "Ye bo" is Twi (a west African language) for "we play." Ye Bo Game is a game night concept started by a close group of friends. On a Ye Bo Game night, you can participate in card, board and movement games all on the rhythm of music. Ye Bo Game is for everyone who likes to connect, laugh and move with each other. Blossoming in the Netherlands but with roots in Kumasi, Ghana Nyarko makes UK-Grime bangers into danceable Afro-vibes. Characterized by her energetic sound and live performance, when Nyarko is on stage she brings fire.


Locatie Paradiso
Weteringschans 6-8