Van Vrijdag 29 September 2023
t/m Donderdag 30 November 2023

'An explosive performance with hope, healing and redemption through Pantsula dance'. In a combination of heartfelt play, a mix between traditional South-African street dance (pantsula) and ‘bone breaking’, Afro house, Amapiano beats, humor and impressive visuals, the Soweto Skeleton Movers from South-Africa will tell their personal stories that put their Unbreakable spirit to the test. Despite many setbacks and bad temptations that cross their path, these dancers are “unbreakable”. What is pantsula? Pantsula is an energetic dance that originated in the South African “townships” in the 1950s and represents a specific way of life and clothing style. Pantsula was used as an expression of resistance during the apartheid era. Unbreakable is a collaboration between Rotterdam choreographer Lloyd Marengo, London theater director Jonzi D and the five explosively energetic dancers of Soweto Skeleton Movers.


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