Congo Tales - Told by the people of Mbomo - Exhibition with photographs by Pieter Henket for Tales of Us

Van Zaterdag 14 September 2019
t/m Zondag 05 Januari 2020

Congo Tales tells the stories and myths of the inhabitants of the Congo basin, the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest, after the Amazon. Tales of Us has been working on Congo Tales in this region of Africa for the past five years. The initiators behind the organisation – producers Eva Vonk and Stefanie Plattner – invited Dutch portrait photographer Pieter Henket to collaborate on the project. Working with local inhabitants, the team has created a large series of photographs which they are now using to draw attention to this largely unknown rainforest and those who call it home. Henket’s filmic and surrealistic portraits bring to life the magic and mysteries of this region, which is so important to the planet.

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